Nov. 26th, 2015

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1. I have never been very successful at attempting blogs. They seem like secondary projects to my main writing work that never really fully go into flight. From time to time, I keep feeling motivated about starting something that will drive traffic and help me earn a little pocket money, perhaps over the course of several years. But I never succeed. I never attempt to post regularly for more than a few weeks at most.

2. Like many people I know who are pretty productive, I dislike sleep. Unlike many people I know who are very productive, when I do not get sleep, I feel the pinch, badly. I am writing this under conditions of sleep deprivation.

3. Goodness knows what this may turn out to be in the long run. I only know that I am partially motivated to start this again after reading excerpts from Joyce Carol Oates's published journals. She is very intelligent and insightful. I am not quite.

4. I think the reason why it is difficult to charge appropriately for good writing is because you need some kind of education and sense to identify good writing and why it matters; by the time you can do that you may not need to charge for writing, and most people who do not know how to identify good writing will not be able to identify why they need to buy it. It isn't like an insurance policy. It's not secured by figures and statistics and physical pain. It isn't like a piece of computer. You can't feel it break down until you can recognize it breaking down. You need people who can appreciate good writing to be willing to buy it. And by the time people can do that, maybe they won't. Perhaps.
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I am testing the compatibility of this app with my DW. Seems like I can't post pictures.

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